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How about a Lake Havasu Parasail ride as a fun tour. No skills or training are necessary. At Lake Havasu Parasail, part of the Havasu Adventure Company, our Captain is a licensed U.S.C.G Captain and our crew is trained with everyone's parasailing safety in mind. You can go solo or team up, flying side by side and take in the breathtaking views together.
At Lake Havasu Parasail tours, it's fun, it's exciting and it is completely safe. It's the ride of your life.  Here's how it works. After a crew member safely secures you into a flight harness, you’ll slowly ascend to approximately 500 feet above Lake Havasu as your ride begins. You will be completely awed by the spectacular sights in every direction. After your 8 to 10 minute ride, you will have a gentle landing as we guide you back on the boat. Sound like fun?
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